Hey guys! I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has read and liked my reviews and apologize for the length of time since I’ve posted one. I do have a day job and was recently promoted so my gaming and movie watching has hit the back burner. Fear not minions, for I am back.

Today, you shall read the ramblings of my mind on the movie The Evil Dead. For those of you who have watched the original, (I did not but I did hear complaints) there’s a few differences between that and this remake.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away but the basic premise of the movie is about a bunch of kids in the woods that find a book of the dead and unleashes the fucking scariest thing ever and it slowly picks people off like fucking daisies.
If you see that its a horror flick and you think to yourself, “Hey, Jess and I could cuddle up and watch this movie,” fuck you. She will not want to cuddle, she will have nightmares forever and will hate you until the Winchesters burn her corpse. (Supernatural reference)

It starts out with the sad sob story of the brother, David, that wasn’t there for his druggie sister who nearly killed herself named Mia. In an attempt to sober her up, they all take a trip out to this creepy family cabin and promise to stick it out while she gets cleaned up. If my family said they had a cabin in the woods and I was free to go at any point, I’d take it as them setting me up for a horror flick. Just saying. They discover an odor coming from the basement and upon searching the cabin they find the book of the dead and a bunch of other witchcraft crap. The bookworm named Eric then takes it into his own hands and like a dumbass, reads it, unleashing this evil demon that possesses Mia.

I can’t really tell anymore than that cuz then I’d be giving the movie away entirely. The deaths are gruesome. And that, my friends, is putting it lightly. There’s blood and gore and some of those images were a little much to handle. As a huge horror movie lover, the movie was fucking sweet, and awesome and scary as shit. As a female, the movie was scary as shit, bloody, terrifying, needing-a-psychiatrist worthy.

All in all, totally worth the mental damage. See it, Like now! Stop reading, or that crazy demon bitch will come and kill you. Flippin cars and shit. (You’ll get that reference when you see it.) Kay?