Let’s dive right in! So if you’re a fan of the series and especially of the iron man character itself, then this movie should be right up your alley.

It explores the hardships Tony Stark (Iron Man) faces being a public figure, iconic super hero and having his identity known by everyone.

He puts Pepper Potts in danger and basically loses everything at one point. It’s It’s a constant struggle for him between doing what’s right, doing what’s best and doing what’s needed.

I truly believe this is the best of the three Iron Man movies (excluding the Avengers of course since it was an ensemble cast.

I did like how they made this take place after the events in the Avengers and how Tony has nightmares and panic attacks whenever he sleeps or gets stressed. The writers did a phenomenal job at showing his humanity and vulnerability.

I won’t give away the villian (Mandarin) plot because it will ruin the movie for you but the way they tied everything together and wrapped up the story was definitely satisfying for me.

If you want Iron Man suits… wow! You got them in this movie. Lets just say there’s a ton of suits with a lot of different unique features and gadgets.

See this movie if you’re into action, explosions, marvel comics or just like to haveĀ  a fun movie experience.