Let me just start off by saying that if you want a bloody, body mutilating, typical zombie movie, dont see it. Just like everyone who thought twilight was gonna be a typical vampire movie, this is the same deal. Zombies in this movie, come back to life, the undead becomes, well… Undead.

I loved the idea of Julie falling in love with R because it’s not really ideal due to him being dead and all. Minus the fact that he ate Perry’s brains and proceeded to pursue her, their love story was actually cute. His awkward, but cute attempts at wooing her pay off and they fall into the abyss of luuuurv.

I also really enjoyed the idea of eating someone’s brains and picking up their memories. Can you imagine eating someones brains and knowing their lives in their perspective? Maybe eating Nick Hoults brain and seeing his relationship with Jenn Lawrence… And vice versa for the ladies? Rawr.

If I was going through some serious relationship problems and a zombie turned to me and said, “Bitches,” I dont know how I’d react.

The basic concept of this movie is that love conquers all. It can bring you back from the… undead? And can cure others with just the sight of it. If you’re into seeing a zombie movie with a strange but awesome love story, go see this movie. If you don’t wanna see this movie because its a romance, well, fuck you, go get laid. Kay? Kay.

I give the movie 5 out of 5 brownie points because of its originality, and because, well… zombies.